Why Use Cloud GIS?

When you run GIS software and use GIS services in the cloud, you, or more likely your organization and your customers, may realize many of the same benefits other software and services users discover when they start their work in cloud.

Common benefits include

No more software updates

In the cloud, the end-user is most likely using the latest, greatest version of the software or service. They don’t have to worry about installing or configuring software updates and can take advantage of new features right away, as they become available.

Convenient access to services

The organization is able to make its online services available to customers 24/7 (always on). This means that the business of the organization continues beyond the regular work day - letting customers use the software and services when they need it, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Pay only for what you use

Using cloud services means that both the customer and the organization can take advantage of more flexible business models, which make it easier to budget for services rendered and, in the long term, may lower the overall cost of ownership. The cloud also makes computing extremely scalable, allowing you to quickly increase capacity during peaks of high demand and then scale back down when demand returns to normal levels.

Cloud GIS includes all of these benefits, in addition to making it easier to test and deploy GIS applications, which can improve your organization’s responsiveness and competitiveness. You may also find that Cloud GIS provides you with a more collaborative environment, particularly for your mobile workers and customers or if you have multiple offices located in different cities around the world.