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If you can think it, you can do it. Put the most powerful spatial analytics to work for your organization, no matter your industry.


Analyze patterns in sales performance based on proximity to store and area demographics.


Perform portfolio and claims analysis and understand spatial patterns over time.


Conduct deposit, branch performance, and investment analysis by location.

Health and Human Services

Analyze access to care, model what-if scenarios, and meet community health needs.

Law Enforcement

Identify crime patterns and manage operational accountability processes.

Local Government

Look at budget and human resource allocation to identify issues and find efficiencies across different regions.


Perform acreage analysis and manage the portfolio to improve exploration and production.

Electric and Gas

Monitor system and asset performance and mine data from real-time sensors.

Get More out of Insights for ArcGIS

Insights works alongside and takes advantage of other leading ArcGIS products:

ArcGIS Pro

Do quick data discovery in Insights, then continue in ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server

Analyze massive amounts of historic data.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

Perform analysis using data collected from sensors in real time.

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Learn to use Insights for ArcGIS and multiply your spatial analysis productivity.

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