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Share Your Maps with Easy-to-Use Templates

Want to quickly make a web map that shows change overtime? How about a map that shows elevation changes along a path? You can make and share interesting maps like these quickly by selecting from a variety of configurable web mapping templates.

ArcGIS web application templates and Esri Story Map templates are designed so you can download and publish apps on your own site or host them on ArcGIS Online. Plus, you don't have to spend a lot of time on coding or configuring your app.

Find a template to tell your story:

Template Examples

Find, Edit, and Flier Template

Find, Edit, and Filter Template

Build apps using your own maps or maps that others have shared.

Storytelling Swipe Template

Swipe and Spyglass Template

Interact with two web maps or layers in a single view.

Map Tour Template

Tell compelling stories on many topics for any audience.