ArcGIS Online Map and Geoservices

DataDoors for ArcGIS

This application, powered by i-cubed's DataDoors, provides a geodata marketplace of preprocessed data for use offline.

With DataDoors for ArcGIS, you can

  • View and retrieve original full-resolution data to use locally with your own data and software.
  • Access the raster data used to create ArcGIS Online Map Services, plus source satellite, aerial imagery, and terrain data from a variety of providers.
  • Select your exact area of interest along with the coordinate system, file format, and delivery method for the data.

Available Data

The following ArcGIS Online Map Services are available in addition to various data from other reputable providers.

  • USA Prime Imagery
  • World Imagery
  • USA Topo Maps
  • World Elevation Data
  • USA Elevation Data

How to Order

Order data from DataDoors for ArcGIS. Use your credit card for individual orders or set up an account to easily submit multiple orders.

Data Doors

Purchase and download data to use offline.