ArcGIS Online Map and Geoservices

What's New in ArcGIS Online

National Geographic World Map—You can now access this map directly through the basemap gallery in the arcgis.com map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online. The map was developed by National Geographic and Esri and reflects the distinctive National Geographic cartographic style in a multi-scale reference map of the world.

Ocean Basemap—New updates include bathymetric data from the Seafloor Mapping Lab (SFML) of California State University Monterey Bay for the coast of California. Coverage for U.S. waters has also been updated down to 1:72 k.

Light Gray Canvas Map—A new version has just been released. It includes worldwide coverage down to 72 k, and for areas where NAVTEQ has provided data the coverage goes down to 9 k. This release also includes more labels at all scales, streets being visible at additional scales, and a number of other enhancements.

World Topographic Maps—Community Maps Program contributions include content for the Trans Canada Trail from 18 k to 1 k, and Matanusak-Susitnak Borough Alaska from 72 k to 4 k, as well a more detailed local content for several areas in the US including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas, and these areas in Canada: Hamilton, Ontario and Morinville, Alberta. Content was also updated and expanded for the State of North Carolina from 1:36 k to 1:1 k, and local content was updated for Maryland, Florida, California, Washington, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

World Street Map—Coverage was extended to include more detailed data for metropolitan areas around the world, and updated cartography.

World Imagery Map—New content was added for the Country of Kuwait; Melbourne, Australia; and several areas in California. Updated content was provided for Outagamie County, Wisconsin, and St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.