You can deploy ArcGIS for Server on premises using your internal IT structure or in the cloud.

System Requirements

ArcGIS for Server is a 64-bit GIS server that supports the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Ubuntu—when deploying ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services

See ArcGIS for Server System Requirements in the ArcGIS Resource Center for details.

ArcGIS for Server and the Cloud

A managed service from Esri UK for UK customers that enables you to use the power of ArcGIS for Server to achieve agile, scalable, reliable and low cost results in a cloud deployed environment.

Benefits of ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud

  • Reliability: Work with experienced GIS professionals who specialise in managing and maintaining the Esri platform in a hosted environment
  • Cost-effectiveness: Quickly meet your organisation’s increased demand for GIS capability without expanding your on-premise infrastructure and increasing associated operation and maintenance costs.
  • ArcGIS for Server: Our platform includes optimised ArcGIS Server instances of the latest Esri releases. You can rent the software or bring your own licence
  • Hybrid Cloud Resources: Add virtual CPUs to your own on-premise applications to extend the lifetime and performance of existing infrastructure
  • Faster Application Delivery: Implement your GIS applications faster and shorten the return time for the benefits to be realised by your business

ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud brochure.

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ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud includes

The service provided by Esri UK includes:

  • ‘Extra Large’ single tenancy Amazon cloud instance, sized for maximum performance of ArcGIS for Server
  • 100 GB disk space
  • Pre-built instances of the latest version of ArcGIS for Server including all relevant service packs
  • Esri UK free data services – basemaps and gazetteers
  • ArcGIS for Desktop installed on the server for administration of the ArcGIS platform
  • ‘JumpStart’ training to familiarise you with the online service and quickly get you productive
  • Software support and infrastructure support (business hours)

ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud technical specification.

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How could you use ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud?

  • Short term increased demand for GIS services which your on-premise architecture may be unable to support
  • CPU Intensive ad hoc GIS tasks, for example, image processing and map caching
  • As part of a disaster recovery and response strategy
  • A resource for testing GIS deployments before rolling them out on-premise or in the cloud
  • Provision of a GIS collaboration platform via ArcGIS online data, webmaps and webapps

JumpStart your Cloud Deployments

New to ArcGIS for Server on the Cloud?

A JumpStart programme will provide you with an Esri UK ArcGIS expert who will work with you to setup, configure, and manage your hosted environment using your data, and addressing your business specific workflows.

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