ArcGIS Image Extension for Server

This extension enhances the capabilities of ArcGIS for Server to manage, produce, and exploit large numbers of imagery and rasters.

With this extension, you can

  • Provide imagery access quickly after acquisition with dynamic mosaicking and on-the-fly processing.
  • Minimise data duplication while maximising the amount of imagery products that can be created because image processing and serving has been combined.
  • Remove the reliance on static mosaics and allow users to request custom imagery with client-controllable parameters.

Why Use ArcGIS Image Extension for Server?

The Image extension tremendously simplifies image management by allowing users to directly publish large image collections without preprocessing.

  • Dynamically mosaic images in different projections, formats, locations, and pixel sizes.
  • Fast, server-based processing enables on-the-fly creation of multiple image products from a single source.
  • Provide important service and image level metadata.
  • Use effortless distribution, serving very large volumes and numbers of rasters to a large range of client applications.


The ArcGIS Image Extension can be optionally licensed with the ArcGIS for Server Standard or Advanced editions.