ArcGIS Schematics for Server

This extension gives you the ability to publish the schematic datasets that you create using the ArcGIS for Desktop Schematics extension and expose those services in desktop, mobile, and web applications.

With this extension, you can

  • Manage physical and logical networks, including social and economic networks, and view or represent any kind of network, including electric power, traffic light, delivery route, and computer.
  • Enable users to automatically generate, visualize, and manipulate diagrams from network data or data that has attributes for connectivity.

Why Use ArcGIS Schematics for Server?

The ArcGIS Schematics extension allows you to share your collection of schematic information with people inside and outside your organization via Schematic services.

Schematic services can be used in web applications to

  • Query and display a schematic diagram
  • Apply an algorithm on the schematic diagram
  • Save edits in a schematic diagram
  • Generate a schematic diagram
  • Update a schematic diagram


The ArcGIS Schematics for ArcGIS for Server extension is included with ArcGIS for Server Standard and Advanced editions