ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is Now Online

ArcGIS Includes Online Content and Capabilities

Regardless of how you interact with the ArcGIS system, you can use its online capabilities to collaborate and share results with colleagues, stakeholders, or the public.

ArcGIS for Desktop—Create maps and publish them to ArcGIS Online so others using the ArcGIS system can leverage them. Also bring information that others have shared via ArcGIS Online into your ArcGIS for Desktop projects.

Browser—Use ArcGIS Online in a number of ways:

  • Using ArcGIS Explorer Online, you can bring information that others have shared into your projects. You can also create mashups from shared services and, in turn, share the new maps you create.
  • Using simple Web apps built with the ArcGIS system, you can access ArcGIS Online content.
  • Using, you can browse maps and apps published to ArcGIS Online by others using the ArcGIS system, and create your own maps that you can share.

Mobile—Use ArcPad, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, and ArcGIS for iOS to access maps shared to ArcGIS Online.

Developer tools—Build Web apps or mobile apps that leverage ArcGIS Online map and task services.

Learn more about the content available via ArcGIS Online.