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Business Analyst Server 10.1 Now Available 

It's easier to import your custom data and easier to share analysis across your enterprise.


With Esri Business Analyst Server, you can collaborate and share models and analyses within your organization and use dashboards to quickly publish the most important and pertinent information. Business Analyst Server combines GIS server technology with extensive business, demographic, and consumer spending data to provide users with a complete business geointelligence solution. You can quickly implement out-of-the-box Web applications and services to help you solve complex business problems via a browser-based, thin-client interface.

With Business Analyst Server, you can

  • Develop repeatable processes and workflows across an organization, creating more consistent and effective analysis for site evaluation, customer analytics, and competitive and market analysis.
  • Leverage ready-to-use data and prepackaged functions for rapid workflow creation, reducing the amount of development overhead and time to deployment.
  • Easily customize Web-based applications for different end-user scenarios to create relevant and regionalized workflows.
  • Generate maps and reports that visualize your analysis and support your strategic planning objectives.
  • Eliminate silos by collaborating on workflows and data findings throughout an organization, increasing visibility and usage of geographic business intelligence and reducing costly business errors.
visualize data

Visualize data in its geographic context throughout your organization.