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Esri Business Analyst Server

What's New

New ACS Reports
See the new American Community Survey reports with Esri enhancements.
- Population Summary
- Housing Summary

Business Analyst Server 10 Now Available
Latest release enables you to perform analysis 60 times faster and access new Flex and Silverlight SDKs.

Key Features

With Business Analyst Server, collaboration on models and analyses are enabled across the enterprise. Analysts can build and customize models for regionalization, accessing a common data repository, and create dashboards to share information with executives and key stakeholders. Learn how Esri aggregates its data. [wmv]

Collaborative and Distributed Applications

Create browser-based business applications that support a large number of users from a central location without requiring individual desktop applications or GIS knowledge. Through these applications, dashboards, analyses, and models can be shared across the organization and provide a common platform for the decision-making and planning process.

Workflow Frameworks

Develop your own custom business workflow templates that link common tasks together and provide a wizard-driven approach to help reduce time needed for modelling and analyses.

Application Developer Tools

Use APIs and Application Development Framework (ADF) for .NET, JavaScript, and Flex, as well as Web services for mapping, imagery, locators, and geoprocessing to build custom applications.

Advanced Spatial Analysis

Perform customer and store market analysis and competitive and site evaluation using simple rings, threshold rings, data-driven rings, drive times, and desire lines.

Customer Prospecting

Identify characteristics for targeting profitable new customers by analyzing the demographic variables in the areas that contain target customers. Locate desired areas using Principal Components Analysis (PCA) or Floor and Ceilings values.

Facility, Asset, and Supply Chain Management

GIS network tracing can determine and optimize product routing, as well as provide data management and reporting support for sophisticated product transaction management systems. Business Analyst Server enables the visualization of current inventory status, locations, travel distance, and drive times between suppliers and distributors.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Business Analyst Server helps businesses perform business continuity planning by modelling what-if scenarios for natural or man-made disasters, supplier disruptions, and transportation options; optimizing driving routes inside and between facilities; and determining facility vulnerabilities due to response times.

web analytical task

Simple Web applications can be created for basic analytic tasks.