ArcGIS Business Analyst

Esri Business Analyst Server

What's New

New ACS Reports
See the new American Community Survey reports with Esri enhancements.
- Population Summary
- Housing Summary

Business Analyst Server 10 Now Available
Latest release enables you to perform analysis 60 times faster and access new Flex and Silverlight SDKs.

What's New

Performance Enhancements

  • Work more efficiently with significant improvements in performing data summarization, benchmark comparisons, and market ranking.
  • Many tasks can now be completed 60 times faster; some in less than one second.

Custom Report Templates

  • Easily create custom report templates for your specific needs and share them across the organization.
  • Developers can consume the report output in XML format to supply data for application features.

New Reports and Improved Formatting

  • The following new reports are available:
    • Average Drive Time
    • Customer Demographic Comparison
    • Tapestry Profile Volume
    • Segmentation Study
    • Market Area Expected Potential
    • Market Area Gap Analysis
    • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • The layout and formatting of most reports has been updated to a more modern and professional look.

More Developer Support

  • Flex and Silverlight SDKs provide complete sets of developer objects that encapsulate the REST API for Business Analyst Server.
  • Thematic Mapping APIs for Flex and Silverlight provide high performance server-side processing for creating color-coded maps.
  • Query business listings by geographic extent, SIC or NAICS codes, business name, number of employees or sales ranges with the "Add Business Listings" for Flex, REST, and Silverlight.
  • Live interactive sample viewers for Flex and Silverlight will soon be available to test-drive the SDKs.