Pricing for Community Analyst Add-In

Subscription Information

Most Powerful
Standard Plus Standard Basic
Single User License$3,995 /yr$2,495 /yr$995 /yr
3 User License—Save 50% per User$5,995 /yr$3,795 /yr$1,495 /yr
5 User License—Save 60% per User$7,995 /yr$4,995 /yr$1,995 /yr
10 User License—Save 70% per User$11,995 /yr$7,495 /yr$2,995 /yr
Report types included with subscription

These reports and maps help explain the demographics, lifestyles, and buying behaviors of households throughout the United States. Included reports are free with your subscription; Non-included reports can be purchased for a per-report fee. See reports included in each subscription.


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* When you purchase the Community Analyst Add-In, you also get access to the Community Analyst Web Application.