Community Analyst API

Build custom web, mobile, and desktop applications that include demographic, health, crime, and business data reporting capabilities with the Community Analyst API. Information about people and places can be aggregated and summarized at 10 geography levels or specified by polygon, drive time, or distance. Reports are provided as presentation-ready PDFs, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or XML streams.

To use the Community Analyst API for internal and external use, you must purchase an annual subscription.

What You Get

To see the Community Analyst API in action, view the Flex SDK and Silverlight SDK interactive samples.

Applications built with the Esri Community Analyst API can be used to better understand the particular characteristics of a population in a specific neighborhood determining the impact of a public works project on households and more examples.

Three Subscription Levels Are Available

  • Standard Plus Subscription—50 reports and maps, including access to crime, and behavior and preferences data
  • Standard Subscription—36 reports and maps, including access to economic, spending, Tapestry, and traffic data
  • Basic Subscription—17 reports and maps, including access to demographic and public data.

Try the Community Analyst API (Basic Subscription) free for 30 days. After 30 days, the purchase of an annual subscription is required. See our list of commonly asked questions for more information.

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The API contains all the tools necessary to create fully interactive and customizable applications.