Data Appliance for ArcGIS


Data Appliance for ArcGIS is a turnkey solution that provides terabytes of worldwide basemaps and reference layers preloaded onto a network-attached storage device that plugs right into your organization's internal network.

Many of these basemaps and reference layers are similar to those available through ArcGIS Online, however with Data Appliance for ArcGIS you can set up and serve your own services in your secure environment behind your firewall.

Designed and optimized for use with ArcGIS for Server, Data Appliance for ArcGIS gives you the cartographically rich mapping content and basic tasks you need to start building critical GIS applications right away.

You Can Use Data Appliance for ArcGIS to

  • Securely share mapping applications behind your firewall.
  • Highlight your existing operational data by combining it with rich reference maps.
  • Build custom services to perform specialized visualization and analysis.

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Terabytes of Ready-to-use Maps

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