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Download Military Overlay Editor

Note: Many tasks you perform in the Military Overlay Editor (MOLE) extension can be performed in ArcGIS 10, without MOLE. It is recommended you review the migration document accessible from the What's new for defense and intelligence in ArcGIS 10 topic before performing the following procedure.

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of MOLE before installing a newer version.
  2. If you are downloading MOLE 10 version, download the Installing and Getting Started with Defense Solutions guide and have chapter 3, Installation and setup, open for reference as you install. If you plan to install any of the other versions listed in the following step, use the installation instructions in the Getting Started .pdf file at the top level of the compressed file (.zip or .tar file) you download.
  3. Select the version for download:
    MOLE 10.1 for Windows [ZIP]

    MOLE 10 for Windows [ZIP]
    MOLE 10 for Linux [TAR]

    MOLE 9.3.1 for Windows [ZIP]
    This version differs from the 9.3.1 compatibility release that was previously here. This new version fixes additional issues.
    MOLE 9.3.1 for Linux [TAR]
    MOLE 9.3.1 for Solaris [TAR]

    MOLE 9.3 for Windows [ZIP]
    MOLE 9.3 for Linux [TAR]
    MOLE 9.3 for Solaris [TAR]
    MOLE 9.2 for Windows [ZIP]
    MOLE 9.2 for Linux [TAR]
    MOLE 9.2 for Solaris [TAR]
    MOLE 9.1 for Windows [ZIP]
  4. Abbreviated installation instructions:

    - Unzip the .zip or .tar file.
    - Windows: Run Setup.exe.

    Linux or Solaris: Run ./Setup from a terminal window. You must not be the root user, and you must be logged in as the same user who installed the Esri application with which you intend to use MOLE.

Request an ArcGIS Defense Solutions CD

If for some reason you cannot download these applications from the Web, please complete this form to request ArcGIS Defense Solutions on CD.