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General | ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Does ArcGIS Workflow Manager work with other ArcGIS applications?

Yes. ArcGIS Workflow Manager is an extension of ArcGIS, and as such, it is tightly integrated with ArcGIS applications such as ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

Can ArcGIS Workflow Manager be used as a stand-alone application?

Yes. ArcGIS Workflow Manager provides a default, stand-alone application for setup and management of jobs. It requires an ArcGIS license but does not require that ArcMap or ArcCatalog be running. However, it can be configured to launch ArcGIS applications.

Can I use ArcGIS Workflow Manager with other ArcGIS extensions?

Yes. ArcGIS Workflow Manager integrates seamlessly with other ArcGIS extensions. It assists users in launching applications (e.g., ArcMap) and setting up their environment to begin working as efficiently as possible. It in no way limits which tools or extensions can be used to perform tasks.

What kind of data can I use with ArcGIS Workflow Manager?

ArcGIS Workflow Manager requires you to work with feature data through ArcSDE in a versioned geodatabase.

Can I customize ArcGIS Workflow Manager?

The ArcGIS Workflow Manager API is the development platform for ArcGIS Workflow Manager. The ArcGIS Workflow Manager objects expose the full range of functionality necessary for creating, managing, and working with jobs. These objects were built using Microsoft's Component Object Model technology and extends Esri's ArcObjects framework. This API allows developers to customize the default ArcGIS Workflow Manager application, write an entirely new application, or create custom tools to manage jobs.

Another point of customization is the executables. In addition to those provided by ArcGIS Workflow Manager, developers can create their own executables to be run when a particular workflow step is launched, thus tailoring the workflow to a specific project or business process.