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Special Offer on Pen Display
Buy the Wacom DTZ-2100 Pen Display [PDF] for use with ArcSketch.

GIS: Designing Our Future
Learn how ArcSketch supports the geodesign and management of complex earth systems. ArcNews, Summer 2009


ArcSketch is an add-on for ArcGIS that provides you with sketch tools to conceptualize and draw your map features. ArcSketch automatically manages the drawing environment and assigns symbols to the appropriate feature layer.

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With ArcSketch, you can

  • Use out-of-the-box or customized symbols to meet your specific needs.
  • Predefine features with respect to the parent feature class, type, and value.
  • Share predefined sets of features with other users to create a common approach to problem solving.
  • Create and maintain a personal geodatabase for each sketch project.
ArcSketch tool-style editing makes editing simpler.

Land-use planners can use ArcSketch to do rapid scenario planning in public meetings.