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General | ArcSketch

What are the requirements for using ArcSketch?
ArcSketch 1.1 requires ArcInfo 9.1, ArcEditor 9.1, or ArcView 9.1; ArcGIS .NET Support; and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.

ArcSketch 1.2 requires ArcInfo 9.2, ArcEditor 9.2, or ArcView 9.2; ArcGIS .NET Support; and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

ArcSketch 2.0 requires ArcInfo 9.3, ArcEditor 9.3, or ArcView 9.3; ArcGIS .NET Support; and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
How much does ArcSketch cost?
ArcSketch is free of charge as long as you have an ArcGIS for Desktop license.
What kind of support is available for ArcSketch?
Technical support is not available for ArcSketch; however, you can find many useful resources on the What You Get page.
How can I submit feature requests?
ArcSketch is no longer a supported product. Its functionality is being incorporated into a future release of the core ArcGIS Software.
Is there a tutorial for ArcSketch?
Yes. A tutorial is available inside the ArcSketch User Guide (1.1) and the ArcSketch User Guide (1.2). There is an ArcSketch 2.0 Tutorial available as well.
What can I sketch with ArcSketch?
All three basic kinds of geometry (points, lines, and polygons) can be sketched. They will be represented by your choice of marker, line, and area symbols. Raster sketching is not supported at this time.
What does ArcSketch do?
ArcSketch allows you to sketch features quickly, easily, and intuitively without having to plan ahead or deal with much ArcGIS overhead. Afterward, the sketched features can be converted into standard features and shared with others.
What is the difference between ArcSketch and the standard ArcMap editor?
ArcSketch allows you to create and edit sketches without having to specify the layer each time. You can generate symbols that specify the creation of feature classes and attributes with defined structure.
Can I share my sketches with other users?
Yes. You can share them directly with other ArcSketch users, and you can export them for use by any ArcGIS for Desktop user.
Can I share my ArcSketch symbols with other users?
Yes. This is a good way to share standard symbology within workgroups.
Does ArcSketch work with ModelBuilder?
Yes. This is a powerful combination. ModelBuilder models can be run directly on sketch features.
I have Windows 2000. Do I need Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) Version 2.6 or later?
Yes, if you are using ArcSketch 1.1 or 1.2. You can download the Microsoft Data Access Components Version 2.6. ArcSketch 2.0 is not compatible with Windows 2000.