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General | ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports

Who uses ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports?
ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports provides a suite of tailored GIS tools and templates for airport infrastructure data management. Airports and airport consultants can efficiently manage, perform quality control, and analyze their GIS data using these automated toolsets.
What are the various data models available in this extension?
ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports provides an airport geodatabase model based on the FAA's AC 150/5300-18 specification. This data model integrates an applicable schema for airports around the world to manage their GIS data.
What do I get when I license ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports?
This extension is bundled with components for data editing, quality control, chart generation, and automated obstacle analysis tools for airport users. Optional services are available that can be customized to your organization's needs.
How is ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports licensed?
ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports follows the same licensing model as ArcGIS, with key codes for concurrent use licensing and registration numbers for single use licensing.
Is ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports customizable?
For airport and airport consultant users, this extension provides airport-specific templates and workflows that can be extended and customized to meet unique business requirements. The package also includes an extensive data quality rule base that can be easily tailored to meet an organization's data quality objectives.