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Key Features

ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports provides tools and templates that eliminate costly and time-consuming database design and help ensure consistency for airport data using a best practices airport schema.

Key capabilities available with ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports include:

Preconfigured Map Product Templates

  • Use them out-of-the box or easily customize to an airport's specific requirement.
  • Support a multitude of airport operations to include planning activities, map requests, and/or community outreach.

Automated Data Validation Tools

  • Improve data quality and submit compliant data to the FAA the first time
  • Over 450 preconfigured checks developed from the FAA's Airports GIS specification for comprehensive checking and reporting on both geometry and attribute data
  • Checks can be extended to support international requirements such as the European Commission’s ADQ.

Preconfigured Airport Data Editing Templates

Preconfigured data editing templates are provided to

  • Consistently and efficiently create and manage airport data.
  • Tailor the interface to an airport's specific data editing requirements.
  • Streamline data creation by pre-populating recurring attribute values.

Automated Tools for Creating, Visualizing, and Analyzing Obstruction Surfaces

  • Create and visualize FAA Part 77, FAA AC 150/5300-18, and ICAO Annex 14 & 15 Obstacle Identification Surfaces using parameter-based geoprocessing tools.
  • Easily generate these surfaces in iterative "what if" planning scenarios.
  • Quickly perform a vertical analysis between the Obstruction surfaces and point or Lidar data.

Automated Export of Your Airports GIS Data for Submission to the FAA

  • Automatically export FAA-compliant shapefiles from your AC 150/5300-18 geodatabase thereby reducing the time required to prepare and package your data for submission.
Ready to use Airport Map Templates

Ready to use Airport Map Templates

Automated Data Review and Validation

Automated Data Review and Validation

Template-based Editing for Efficient and Accurate Data Management

Template-based Editing for Efficient and Accurate Data Management

Parameter-based OIS Tools

Parameter-based OIS Tools

Automated export of FAA shape files

Automated export of FAA shape files