ArcGIS for Desktop Extensions

Esri Business Analyst Segmentation Module


Esri Business Analyst Segmentation Module is an optional customer analytics package that integrates seamlessly into Business Analyst desktop software.

Business Analyst Segmentation Module includes

  • Tapestry Segmentation at the block group geography level
  • Consumer survey data from Mediamark Research Inc.
  • Intuitive wizards that guide you through the production of segmentation studies

Use the Business Analyst Segmentation Module to

  • Answer the who, what, where, and how marketing questions about your customers and prospects.
  • Estimate product demand and market potential.
  • Perform competitive analyses.
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities.
  • Reveal secondary markets.
  • Develop comprehensive segmentation studies.

Together with Business Analyst, the Segmentation Module provides a comprehensive segmentation analysis tool that is unbeatable in today's marketplace.

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