Esri Business Analyst Segmentation Module

Key Features

Business Analyst Segmentation Module offers you the following key features:

Maximize Your Customer Data with Geocoding

Business Analyst Segmentation Module includes at least two Community Tapestry coded categories from the consumer survey database conducted by Mediamark Research Inc. This survey measures demand for a variety of products and services. Use your customer records to quickly create customer profiles by product preferences with Community Tapestry segments. These profiles can also be used as a substitute for customer data and as benchmarks to identify profitable or underperforming segments compared with national consumer survey data.

Geocoding software included in the Business Analyst Segmentation Module provides fast data appending and geocoding whether you geocode customer records individually or in batch mode.

Enhanced Customer Profiling

A cornerstone of business success is a thorough knowledge of your customers. For example, do you know about the types of people who purchase your products or services? Accurate, precise knowledge of customer types can increase your company's effectiveness and revenues by

  • Locating new sites near your core customers
  • Evaluating the success of existing sites
  • Selecting merchandise suited to your core customer types
  • Sending the right media messages to the right audiences
  • Targeting your direct mail and other promotions to the most responsive recipients

Business Analyst Segmentation Module can provide you with this information.

Create Segmentation Study Booklets

For more comprehensive research about your customers, prospects, and market areas, you can create presentation-quality segmentation studies. These studies are a collection of reports, charts, maps, and analyses that enable users to identify their core and developmental customers. Core customers are Community Tapestry segments with a high percentage of a customer base. Developmental customers are a significant percentage of a customer base and market area but that show a below-average index for potential.

  • Color-coded guides enable segmentation novices and experts to instantly create understandable studies.
  • To save time, create and save segmentation study templates for future analyses.

Boardroom-Ready Maps and Reports

Creating reports, maps, and charts that describe customer types with Business Analyst Segmentation Module is a snap with the help of intuitive wizards. Reports can be produced individually or batched for output in a variety of formats. Segmentation novices and experts can use annotated reports to easily understand and interpret a Community Tapestry profile, quadrant map, or bar chart of Community Tapestry segments and instantly translate them into a thematic map. These boardroom-ready materials can easily be inserted into client and sales presentations, training materials, and marketing pieces. Reports, maps, and charts can be customized by changing colors, symbols, and ranges, adding an organization's "signature" to each analysis.

Core Customer Populations

Core customer populations displayed at a nationwide scale

Customer Data Quadrants

This interactive game plan chart shows how customer data falls into each quadrant geographically. From this, you can say any segment that contains at least 4 percent of your total customer base and has an index above 100 will be in your core segment. You can adjust the percent and index by moving the line up or down.

Four Quadrant Game Plan Map

Four-quadrant game plan map showing block groups with core customer segments represented

Easy-to-use wizards

Easy-to-use wizards guide you through the process of creating graphs, charts, and reports.