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Is Esri Business Analyst Desktop for commercial industry use only?
Does Business Analyst Desktop include ArcGIS geoprocessing tools?
What is maintenance?
How often are the datasets updated? How often is the software updated?
What is the difference between Business Analyst Basic and Business Analyst Standard?
Can Business Analyst Desktop be used for lead generation?
You can't use it to generate mailing lists either for direct marketing to consumers or direct marketing to businesses. The product does not provide lists of consumers with mail or email addresses. While it does provide access to lists of some 18,000,000+ businesses in the U.S. the license agreement doesn't allow the use of the business lists for direct marketing purposes. However, you can use Business Analyst to identify where your target prospects are. Users who want to create a direct mail campaign can output a list of target ZIP codes and then supply them to their preferred list provider or to the U.S. Postal Service to mail through its Every Door Direct program which requires target zip codes but not street address.