ArcGIS Data Interoperability

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Watch these demos to see how ArcGIS Data Interoperability enables ArcGIS for Desktop users to easily use and distribute data in many formats.


View demo. [WMV]

  • A high-level presentation on the importance of data interoperability


  • A high-level overview of the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension

Direct Read

  • How the direct read capabilities help you eliminate the time burden associated with data translation

Data Translation

  • How the quick translation functions enable you to maximize your investment in ArcGIS technology

Data Transformation

  • About Workbench, a semantic translation engine that eliminates the need for custom translation software

Data Interoperability Overview

View demo. [WMV]

  • Support for more than 60 industry data formats
  • Adding new data sources to ArcCatalog in native format for direct read access
  • Using metadata to define the spatial reference
  • Using Workbench to build customized data sources


What Is Interoperability?

View demo. [FLASH]

  • A definition of interoperability and why it is important

ArcGIS Data Interoperability Overview

View demo. [FLASH]

  • The goal of the interoperability initiative between Esri and Safe Software

ArcGIS Data Interoperability and ArcCatalog

View demo. [FLASH]

  • How to enable ArcGIS Data Interoperability within ArcCatalog

ArcGIS Data Interoperability and ArcMap

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Features and capabilities of ArcGIS Data Interoperability as they apply to ArcMap

ArcToolbox I: Quick Import and Quick Export

View demo. [FLASH]

  • How ArcGIS Data Interoperability works within the geoprocessing framework

ArcToolbox II: Custom Import and Custom Export

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Exploring the transformation aspects of import and export tools

Workbench Concepts

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Introducing schema mapping, datasets, feature types, transformers, and terminology review

Workbench Introduction

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Presenting the Workbench interface

Visualizer Introduction

View demo. [FLASH]

  • How the Visualizer is used within Workbench to examine transformations

Workbench Transformers

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Introducing some of the Workbench key transformers

Workbench Advanced Topics

View demo. [FLASH]

  • Introducing advanced features and capabilities of the Workbench

Formats in Workbench

View demo. [FLASH]

  • An overview of the data sources and data destinations available within the Workbench environment

Custom Formats

View demo. [FLASH]

  • How to create and maintain custom formats