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Key Features

Data Models

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Esri Defence Mapping includes many geodatabase models specific to the defence industry:

Topographic Data Stores (TDS)
  • Global
  • Regional
  • Local 
  • Specialized Urban
Theater Geospatial Databases (TGDs)
  • Global
  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Urban
  • Image City Maps (ICMs)
  • Vector Map (VMap) Level 2 1:50,000-scale Topographic Line Map (TLM) cartographic products
  • (VMap) Level 1 data and 1:250,000-scale Joint Operations Graphic—Air (JOG—A) cartographic products
Map Series
  • VMap Level 0
  • VMap Level 1 and 1:250,000-scale JOG—A cartographic products
  • VMap Level 2 and 1:50,000- and 1:100,000-scale TLM cartographic products
  • Urban Vector Map (UVMap)
Geospatial Intelligence Feature Database (GIFD)
  • Vmap2TLM D4
  • GIFD D4
  • Vector Interim Terrain Data (VITD)
Defence Installations and Environment
  • United States Air Force (USAF) GeoBase CI
  • United States Marine Corps. (USMC) GEOFidelis CIP

Data Production

  • Schema creation and management—Create data repositories with automated tools and defence data model templates that support numerous data model specifications and model versions.
  • Legacy data loading and migration—Use automated tools and templates for common data migrations to support the planning, testing, and execution of data loading operations into and between various data model specifications.
  • Feature extraction—Leverage specification-driven geometry and attribution tools to implement in-process quality assurance in the production environment and reject the creation of noncompliant data.
  • Cartographic finishing and product generation—Produce defence-specific map and data products quickly through a suite of database-driven production and cartographic finishing tools.

Data Management

  • Streamlined data replication—Automatically synchronize changes between sites, teams, or external data partners and cooperators using replication tools.
  • Data quality and compliance testing—Assess the quality and fitness of data products using both commercial off-the-shelf and integrated government off-the-shelf quality control tools to ensure compliance with published data model specifications.

Workflow Management

  • Workflow and resource management—Automate workflows, conduct resource levelling, and track work execution to improve efficiencies and ensure repeatability of data management activities.
  • Integration of tasks—Capture, distribute, and automate best practices and procedures among data production staff to enhance efficiency and quality across the organization.
Edit Templates 

Increase production efficiency and quality using standards-specific editing tools.

Edit Extraction Guide 

Use standards-based production and extraction guides and workflows.