Districting for ArcGIS

Free Download-Districting for ArcGIS Add-on

Getting Started

To use Districting for ArcGIS, complete the following steps:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of Districting for ArcGIS before installing a newer version.
  2. Select the version for download:
    Districting for ArcGIS 10.2
  3. Run Districting for ArcGIS.exe to install the Districting for ArcGIS add-on.
  4. Start ArcMap. You must turn on the Districting for ArcGIS add-on by selecting Tools > Extensions, checking the Districting box, and clicking Close.
  5. Toggle on the Districting toolbar (select either View arrow Toolbars or right-click in the toolbars region near the top of the ArcMap window).
  6. Once plan workspaces and plans are created, you can start ArcCatalog and expand your plan workspaces branch in the Catalog tree to view them.


Districting for ArcGIS includes an online help file providing help on specific topics, as well as a comprehensive tutorial to guide new users through the entire districting process. While technical support is not available for free add-ons, you can send questions to districting@esri.com.

Known Limitations

On some versions of the Windows NT operating system, ArcCatalog has the following limitation: if any TXT file exists somewhere along the path of a data file, including the folder where the data file is located, when you use the Add Data button to add a data layer, the ArcMap.exe process appears to be running in Windows Task Manager after you exit ArcMap. To avoid this, delete all TXT files along the path for your data files.

Plan workspaces (personal geodatabase MDB files) created in current releases of ArcGIS cannot be used with previous versions of ArcGIS.



When you try to install Districting for ArcGIS, you might get the message, "Another version of Districting for ArcGIS is already installed. Please use Add or Remove Programs to remove the presently installed version before installing this one." But when you try to uninstall the old version in Add/Remove in the Control Panel, it says it's already uninstalled. In this case, run RegEdit and remove the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AV_REDIST_EXT so you can install the new version.