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Districting for ArcGIS

Download Build 118

Districting for ArcGIS 10 (Build 118) resolves some issues that were found in the previous build, Districting for ArcGIS 10 (Build 82). It is recommended that all Districting for ArcGIS 10 users uninstall the previous build and install the new build at this time.

To find out what build of Districting for ArcGIS you have installed, follow these instructions:

  1. Open ArcMap or ArcCatalog
  2. Go to the menu item "Help > About Districting."

    How to find out what version of Districting for ArcGIS you have
  3. The dialog will show the build number on the "About Districting" dialog.

Read the full release document (Release Document.doc in the zip file) to find out more about the issues addressed with this build.

Download Districting for ArcGIS (Build 118) now.

Download Hot Fix Patch for Districting for ArcGIS 10 (Build 118) now.

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