Esri S-57 Viewer

Free Download——Esri S-57 Viewer Add-on

Getting Started

Please note: If you have modified any of the control files associated with the Esri S-57 Viewer in version and wish to retain them, please back them up before uninstalling that version.  Version will install new control files.  You may replace version control files with version to retain your changes.  Please email if you have any questions.

To use the Esri S-57 Viewer, complete the following steps:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of the Esri S-57 Viewer or S-57 Viewer Sample before installing a newer version.
  2. Select the version for download:

    Esri S-57 Viewer version
  3. Double click on setup.msi located in the Esri S-57 Viewer folder. The Esri S-57 Viewer Setup dialog box appears.
  4. The Esri S-57 Viewer has been successfully installed message appears once the installation is complete.


Read the Esri S-57 Viewer Install and User Guide for additional information on installation steps and key features. This document is also contained in the Esri S-57 Viewer zip file you downloaded. While technical support is not available for free add-ons, you can send questions, suggest enhancements, and report any issue to