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ArcGIS Infographics

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Get Area Facts with Clean, Clear Infographics

Gain greater insights about a location by adding infographics to your ArcGIS for Desktop projects.
These small, dynamic charts and reports, which display as pop ups on your map, can help you answer
questions such as:

  • How many households are in an evacuation zone?
  • What is the average household size in a ZIP Code?
  • Does a proposed location have enough people to justify the grant application?
  • How much of an area contains wetlands?
  • What types of neighbourhoods are within 10 minutes of a site?
  • How much is an area spending on groceries?

Find out about available data from around the world.

System Requirements

  • ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop or newer
  • ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription


This free add in to ArcGIS for Desktop consumes ArcGIS Online credits. Try our Service Credits Estimator.

Get Started

  1. Download the Add-In
  2. Double click on the "ArcGIS_IG_Addin_102.esriAddIn" file to install the Add-In
  3. View the Add-In in ArcMap

Common Questions

Are both features and locations supported by Infographics?
Can I modify the feature name in the Infographic? For example, change Beverly Hills to 90210?
Can I modify the default red-hatched feature symbol?
Can I control which Infographics are shown in the carousel?
Can I change or add different variables?
Are Infographics available globally?