Maplex for ArcGIS

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Training Available for ArcGIS for Desktop 10
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What's New in ArcGIS 10
See how ArcGIS for Desktop 10 will help you perform your GIS work faster.

Integrated Geodatabase and ArcGIS for Desktop

Feature-Linked Annotation Automatically Updates Maps

Maplex for ArcGIS is tightly integrated with the annotation editing tools in ArcGIS for Desktop software and works seamlessly with such features as Label Manager, Label Cache, Unplaced Annotation Manager, tools for stacking/curving/reshaping, and annotation management.

Maplex for ArcGIS generates all forms of annotation that may be stored in your map or geodatabase. Feature-linked annotation reflects the current state of features in the geodatabase and is automatically updated when features are moved, edited, or deleted.

Label Manager

Works seamlessly with the Label Manager and other label and annotation tools within ArcGIS.