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Key Features


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  • Multipoint routing
  • Time windows supported on stops
  • Travelling salesperson

Vehicle Routing Problem

  • Time windows
  • Driver breaks and specialties
  • Vehicle capacities and order quantities

Service Areas

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  • Complex polygon generation
  • Allocation across networks

Closest Facility

  • Fixed and mobile asset routing
  • Emergency response

OD Cost Matrix

  • Travel time matrix
  • Maximum destination and distance cutoffs

Driving Directions

  • Expandable inset maps
  • Auto-generation capability

Dynamically Model Realistic Network Conditions

ArcGIS Network Analyst uses an advanced Network Data Model that allows the use of realistic datasets encompassing multiple attributes such as cost, restriction, and hierarchy. You can define various cost attributes, such as distance, time, and visibility, according to their analysis requirements.

Features of the Network Data Model include

  • Complex, multipart turns
  • Dynamic impedance
  • Global weights
  • Exact and hierarchical routing
  • Network barrier support

Multimodal Network Support

Multimodal network support incorporates an advanced connectivity model that can represent complex scenarios such as multimodal transportation networks.

Alaska Flights

Alaska Flights

Service Area

Service Area

Irvine Closest Facility

Irvine Closest Facility

Route Directions

Route Directions

Pedestrian Routing Paris Subway

Pedestrian Routing, Paris Subway