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Multimodal Network Support

The network dataset incorporates an advanced connectivity model that can represent complex scenarios such as multimodal transportation networks. This enables users to efficiently model multiple forms of transportation across a single dataset by using points of coincidence, such as rail stations or bus stops, that form the linkages between several different forms of transportation.

This is a more accurate representation of real-world integrated transportation networks and supports transportation modelling.

Multimodal networks allow organizations in both the public and private sectors to better perform transportation planning analysis and accessibility modelling. End-user services, such as trip planners, can easily be created that combine multiple forms of transport, such as rail and bus.

For example, a regional transportation authority can establish a trip planner that shows passengers how to access light rail, bus line, subway, and other networks.

Sophisticated users and developers can implement their own custom solvers to take advantage of the powerful network dataset and its multimodal attribution for generating transportation modelling.

The network dataset offers a robust data management structure for creating, editing, and maintaining network data.

Pedestrian Routing Paris Subway

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