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How Can I Use ArcGIS Network Analyst?


  • Schedule deliveries and installations while including time window restrictions.
  • Calculate drive time to determine customer base, taking into account rush hour versus midday traffic volumes.
  • Provide service-level agreements to customers based on drive time to the warehouse or facility.
  • Find the closest store based on customer location.
  • Route service calls for technicians.

School Districts

  • Generate school bus routes honoring curb approach and no-U-turn rules.


  • Assign breaks and maximum drive-time constraints to drivers.
  • Calculate routes for delivery vehicles, honoring trucking restrictions.
  • Match customer needs with driver or vehicle specialties.
  • Account for vehicle capacities.


  • Optimize routes for city and county inspectors.


  • Save insurance appraiser routes while honoring time windows and network barriers, especially in emergency and declared disaster areas.

Health Care

  • Create routes for home nurses, honoring time window commitments.

Public Safety

  • Route emergency response crews to incidents.
  • Calculate drive times for first responder planning.

Public Works

  • Determine the optimal route for point-to-point pickups of bulky trash items or routing of repair crews.


  • Calculate accessibility for mass transit systems by using a complex network dataset.

Software Developers

  • Generate origin-destination matrices for use in other logistics applications.
Find closest facility

Finding Closest Facility

Create school bus routes

Creating School Bus Routes

Hospital Routing

Hospital Routing

EMS Call Routing

EMS Call Routing

Multimodal Routes in Portland, Oregon

Multimodal Routes in Portland, Oregon