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Customizing ArcReader

The ArcGIS Publisher extension allows you to create custom ArcReader applications or embed ArcReader capabilities into existing applications. This is done by programming with the PublisherControls (ArcReaderControl and ArcReaderGlobeControl) using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (C# or Visual Basic .NET).

As a developer, you can use the set of components in PublisherControls to build custom applications. These components are designed for ease of use and rapid application development.

In addition to the functionality available with ArcReader, you can perform simple data queries to enhance the data exploration and navigation of the map. See the PublisherControls library documentation for more detailed information.

Custom applications created with PublisherControls can be freely distributed and used by anyone.

the Publisher extension

The Publisher extension includes the ArcReader developer control, allowing developers to create custom ArcReader applications.