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ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extends the time-aware capabilities of the ArcGIS system with advanced functions to let you view, analyze, and understand spatial patterns and trends in the context of time. By providing tools for time-dependent symbolization and time-based analysis, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst automates and enables the tracking and discovery of time-related trends and patterns.

With ArcGIS Tracking Analyst, you can

  • Create geofences to detect when people, assets, or vehicles go outside an allowable area or enter a restricted area.
  • Be notified of important events and report on patterns related to time and space, based on rules you define.
  • Monitor your mobile resources and visualize patterns in their movement.
  • Identify trends over time and make better decisions with advanced time-based symbols and analysis tools.

When combined with ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can be used to create a real-time GIS tracking system to support

  • Fleet management and vehicle tracking
  • Sensor network monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Resource management

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst is also available for ArcGIS Engine.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst allows you to visualize and analyze the movement of resources.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst allows you to visualize and analyze the movement of resources. This example shows a geofence event for a vehicle arriving at a location.

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