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File Geodatabase API 1.3
This release of the API provides support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and several critical bug fixes.


The geodatabase is the common data storage and management framework for ArcGIS. It combines "geo" (spatial data) with "database" (data repository) to create a central data repository for spatial data storage and management. It can be leveraged in desktop, server, or mobile environments and allows you to store GIS data in a central location for easy access and management.

The geodatabase offers you the ability to

  • Store a rich collection of spatial data in a centralized location.
  • Apply sophisticated rules and relationships to the data.
  • Define advanced geospatial relational models (e.g., topologies, networks).
  • Maintain integrity of spatial data with a consistent, accurate database.
  • Work within a multiuser access and editing environment.
  • Integrate spatial data with other IT databases.
  • Easily scale your storage solution.
  • Support custom features and behaviour.
  • Leverage your spatial data to its full potential.