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Esri File Geodatabase API

The File Geodatabase API allows you to develop apps that interact with a file geodatabase without using ArcObjects. The API is available as a C++ library (.dll), which provides access to low-level file I/O modules.

With the API you can

  • Create new file geodatabases.
  • Read a file geodatabase's schema.
  • Create new schemas for simple feature objects.
  • Read and write data.
  • Perform attribute and (limited) spatial queries.
The File Geodatabase API supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms.

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Geodatabase XML

  • Export and import geodatabase schemas.
  • Tabular data is interpreted as XML by ArcGIS Business Logic.
  • Geodatabase XML represents Esri's open mechanism for information exchange between geodatabases and other external systems.

The geodatabase defines a generic model for geographic information and is implemented as either a collection of files in a file system or a collection of tables in a DBMS. The benefit of this generic model is that the geodatabase and its contents are multipurpose, shareable, and standards based.

Esri openly publishes and maintains the complete geodatabase schema and content as an XML specification and provides sample implementations to illustrate how users can share data updates between homogeneous systems.

XML interchange of geospatial information to and from the geodatabase is greatly simplified using the geodatabase XML specification. External applications can receive XML data streams including

  • Exchange of complete lossless datasets
  • Interchange of simple feature sets (similar to shapefile interchange)
  • Exchange of change-only (delta) record sets using XML streams to pass updates and changes among geodatabases and other external data structures
  • Exchange and sharing of full or partial geodatabase schemas between ArcGIS users

Refer to the following XML white paper for more information.

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geodatabase schemas follow an XML specification

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