ArcGIS Runtime SDKs provides a set of development tools to rapidly build mapping and GIS applications for deployment onto a variety of desktop and mobile platforms. These SDKs enables you to integrate maps and geoprocessing models to create rich applications.

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Desktop Devices

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs lets users access maps and data created with ArcGIS for Desktop, edit geographic features stored in geodatabases, and leverage the power of ArcGIS geoprocessing tools.

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt enables developers to build rich GIS applications that take full advantage of the Qt platform.

What You Can Do With ArcGIS Runtime SDKs:

  • Create GIS-enabled small footprint applications that display quickly and deploy easily.
  • Select the capabilities you want—from simple map viewing and navigation to powerful spatial analysis.
  • Build touch screen applications for laptops, tablets, or in-vehicle mounted systems.
  • Develop location-aware applications that use GPS.
  • Create applications using local content, online content, or a combination of both.

ArcGIS Runtime is supported on the following desktop platforms:

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Smartphones and Tablets

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs are also available for building and deploying custom mobile apps. Users can access local data and web services in both connected and disconnected environments, collect and report information, perform GIS analysis, and take advantage of content from ArcGIS Online. Mobile applications can be distributed through various app stores, marketplaces, or private enterprise networks.

ArcGIS Runtime is supported on the following mobile platforms:

ArcGIS Runtime SDK

Custom tsunami evacuation zone mobile app built using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.