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New Podcast: ENVI for ArcGIS for Server
In this Esri Speaker Series podcast, Richard Cooke, President of ITT VIS, talks about GIS and imagery, working with imagery in a geospatial context, and the integration of ENVI and ArcGIS.

Access to Landsat
Free, dynamic image services for your projects.

Key Features

The chart below shows the different capabilities that a user can expect out of the box with ArcGIS for Server and with the addition of the optional Image Extension.

Capabilities ArcGIS for Server ArcGIS Image Extension
for Server
Creating image services from any single imageCheckedChecked
Changing rendering from ArcGIS for Desktop clientsCheckedChecked
Optimizing data transmission for low-bandwidth connectionsCheckedChecked
Using image service as a data source for geoprocessingCheckedChecked
Service-level metadataCheckedChecked
Serving multispectral and elevation dataCheckedChecked
OGC compliant (WMS, WCS)CheckedChecked
Dynamically mosaicking multiple images into an image serviceChecked
Client control over order of overlapping imagery in a mosaicChecked
Image-level metadataChecked
Accessing additional CAD and GIS clientsChecked
Server-side orthorectificationChecked
Server-side pan sharpeningChecked
Server-side rendering, enhancements, filtering, and map algebraChecked
Creating multiple products from the same sourceChecked
Creating image service definitionsChecked
Defined image processingChecked