ArcGIS and Big Data

ArcGIS unleashes big data so it can be analysed and visualised from a geographic perspective. It brings together not only massive volumes of data but also data of disparate types.

Building a Big Spatial Data Application

Building a Big Spatial Data Application

GIS Tools for Hadoop is an open source toolkit intended for big spatial data analytics. The toolkit allows users to leverage the Hadoop Framework to do spatial analysis on spatial data.

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor allows you to incorporate real-time information streams with your existing GIS data and IT infrastructure. Learn more about ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor.

Leverage Existing Enterprise Systems

Esri has solutions that pair with many familiar big data platforms from recognised technology leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and SAP.

Extend the value of your existing enterprise systems with Esri technology. You will experience greater efficiencies, improved workflows, and better outcomes.

Leverage Existing Enterprise Systems

Power Your Enterprise GIS with Web Services

Enrich Your Big Data Results With Location

ArcGIS includes data that can be used to add deeper understanding to your mapped big data. Enriching your map with demographic data from ArcGIS provides insights into areas of interest and the people within them. It provides better understanding of populations and their needs. Understanding the unique characteristics of an area significantly impacts your ability to address it appropriately.

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