Share Smart 3D City Scenes

Share Smart 3D City Scenes

CityEngine scenes can be published directly on the web for sharing 3D models, analysis results, or design proposals with decision makers or the public.

Easy-To-Use Editing Tools

Easy-To-Use Editing Tools

Easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models.

Facade Texturing

Facade Texturing

Intuitive and effective tool for the preparation of facade textures from ground based facade images, perspective correction, and region selection are done in one step.

Instant Report Generation

Instant Report Generation

To compare planning proposals and analyze designs, customized rule-based reports can be generated in order to automatically calculate quantities such as density or grow floor area.

Visualize 3D Zoning Rules

Visualizing 3D Zoning Rules

CityEngine allows you to specify, visualize, analyze, and store zoning regulations in 3D.

Integrated with ArcGIS

Integrated with ArcGIS

CityEngine fully supports the Esri file geodatabase (including textured multipatches) and the shapefile format. Users can import/export any geospatial vector data.

Philadelphia Redevelopment

Urban planning scenario, fictive redevelopment of a city block in Philadelphia

LA Metro

Schematic map of Los Angeles metro system

Desert City

A fictitious middle-eastern city

Oestra/Volda Airport OIS

Obstruction Identification Surface for the Oestra/Volda Airport.

Feature List

Feature Advanced Basic
Customizable User Interface
Streamlined GUI with pre-defined layout configurations, tabbed windows which can be freely arranged and full drag-and-drop support. Pre-defined navigation schemes allow easy configuration of the mouse navigation mode.
Parametric City Design Tools
CityEngine comes with a comprehensive toolset to design and edit urban layouts with streets, blocks and parcels. Street constructions such as roundabouts or block subdivisions are controlled via parametric interfaces, giving immediate visual feedback.
City Wizard
The CityEngine City Wizard is the easiest way to generate a procedural city. Create and generate whole cities from pre-defined templates with only a few mouse clicks.
Procedural Modeling Core
Procedural modelling offers the ability to generate and texture detailed 3D buildings and street geometries out of 2D data. Driven by rules, the procedural modeling core can leverage your own textures and 3D assets, and the use of predefined styles makes it easy to change rule settings in just a few clicks.
3D Modeling & Texturing Tools ("Multipatch Editor")
Easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models. The resulting 3D geometries can be efficiently saved back to the File Geodatabase.
Rule Editor (Node-based Visual Editing or Scripting)
Rules files (.cga) are authored and modified in the Rule Editor. The scripting editor includes features such as syntax highlighting and command completion. The node-based visual interface also allows exploring and editing rules graphically.
Terrain and Maps
Raster-based terrains and height maps can be imported, edited or exported as a polygon mesh. Arbitrary image/raster maps can be used to control selection, parametric streets and blocks, or the rule-based models generation.
Basic 2D and 3D Format Support
For integration with 3D/CAD applications, CityEngine supports the well-known formats OBJ, 3DS and DXF, as well as VOB for e-on software's Vue. The exporter can collect textures into a single folder for easy re-use and sharing with other tools.
OpenStreetMap Import
Street networks and footprints of real world cities can be imported for free from OpenStreetMap into CityEngine. This allows for a quick generation of urban surroundings based on existing streets or building footprints.
Esri File Geodatabase and Shapefile Support
Import GIS data, such as streets, building footprints and parcels, into CityEngine from either Esri File Geodatabase (.gdb) or Shapefile (.shp) format. Feature attributes can also be imported and used to drive the procedural rules.
3D Web Scene Export to ArcGIS Online (WebGL – Export)
CityEngine scenes can be published directly on the web for sharing 3D models, analysis results, or design proposals with decision makers or the public.
Custom Report Generation
Customized rule-based reports can be generated to analyze urban designs, including the calculation of important urban properties such as GFA (Gross Floor Area), FAR (Floor Area Ratio), etc. Reports are updated automatically and instantaneously.
3D Plant Library
Choose from 75 of the most common and practical genera plants and trees, and add them to your 3D cities and landscapes.
CityEngine SDK
The CityEngine SDK allows you to embed procedural geometry creation in other applications such as 3D modeling tools (e.g. SketchUp, Maya), game engines (e.g. Unity3D, Unreal Engine), simulation engines (e.g. CitiLabs, Vega Prime), or custom ArcGIS for Desktop tools and extensions.
Facade Wizard
Interactively author building facade rules out of an image or an existing textured model. The resulting facade rules are size-independent and can therefore be applied to other building designs. The rules can be easily extended with more detailed window models, as well as provide summary information for reports.
KML Support
Import and export of data in Google's Keyhole Markup Language (.kml/.kmz) allows for the exchange of geo-referenced 3D models with tools such as ArcGIS or Google Earth.
Advanced 3D Format Support
The industry-standard formats Collada (1.4.1) and Autodesk FBX (2012.1; export only) allow for flawless 3D data exchange. Supported features include advanced materials, asset instancing, multiple UV-sets, grouping or binary encoding. Constructed 3D content can also be exported out to Pixar's RenderMan (.rib) and NVIDIA's mental ray (.mi). The exporter can collect textures into a single folder for easy re-use and sharing of the generated models with other software packages.
Python Scripting Interface
Streamline repetitive or pipeline-specific tasks with the integrated Python programming interface. For example, automatically create different levels of detail in batch mode, import Autodesk FBX cameras, and so on.
Script-based Export
Allows scripting of complex export processes via Python, such as writing out additional metadata or instancing information for each building.
3D Mouse Support
Experience natural and intuitive navigation with a 3D mouse. Navigate in all three dimensions simultaneously. Available for Windows and Mac OS X platforms only.

License Advanced Basic
Single Use (Node-locked License)
A CityEngine node-locked license is bound to a single computer. No network connection is required at any time, setup is easy and quick.
Concurrent Use (Network License)
CityEngine network/floating licenses are well suited for multi-user environments. Licenses are not bound to specific computers, and can be obtained on demand (powered by FLEXnet licensing system). To be able to run CityEngine in offline environments as well, floating licenses can be conveniently "borrowed" by checking out a license temporarily.

Training Materials & Resources Advanced Basic
Learning Videos
Whether you're an architect, urban planner, GIS professional, game developer, or CG artist, several learning videos demonstrate you the basics and key concepts of CityEngine.
CityEngine tutorials are a convenient starting point for learning CityEngine, quickly helping you develop the skills to take full advantage of CityEngine's vast capabilities. The step-by-step lessons are accompanied by tutorial videos.
CityEngine comes with inspiring example cities and building rules that demonstrate different methods for creating detailed 3D cities via parametric modeling only. Included are ancient, contemporary and future cities at different levels of detail.
CityEngine comes with an expansive Help system consisting of: a quick start guide, a technical manual with in-depth descriptions; and a reference of the procedural rule operations. The help documentation system is available online and offline.

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