CityEngine is a versatile tool that can be used across many professional industries. Take a look at projects related to your field of interest, and find inspiration in how others are using CityEngine.

GIS, Urban Planning and Architecture

Redlands Redevelopment

Explore how smart, real-time reporting can support the creation of multiple redevelopment scenarios. Jump start your urban planning project.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Reconstruction

This project uses procedural tools for the virtual reconstruction of ancient sites in Spain. Travel through this ancient town.

Munich Reconstruction

This collaborative project used GIS data and CityEngine for building volumes with detailed facades to create a 3D model of Munich. On to Munich.


3D Rotterdam in the Cloud

A collaboration between Esri and mental images® to explore new techniques for smart 3D city solutions. Be part of the cloud.

YouCity Real Estate

A project that investigates the capabilities of personalized and semi-automatic real estate assessments. Find the perfect lot.

Swiss Village for Masdar City

As part of the Masdar City project, the first zero carbon, zero waste city ever planned. Visit the Zero Energy Future.


Marseille Urban Planning

An urban planning project for Eiffage. Master plan and 3D visualization created by Romain Janil from Virtualization. A day in Marseille.


Film and Entertainment

Ministry of Sound Commercial

Fold 7 and freelance motion design director Paul Clements created the visual concept of this album with help from CityEngine. Electronic 80's Forever.

Valorfrit Commercial

Commercial by Cliffhanger Visuals for Valorfrit. Using CityEngine, the team was able to build the needed cityscape in a day. Follow the yellow balloon.

National Geographic

Worlds Away Productions produced a digital 3d model of the city of Kaohsiung for use in 6 CGI sequences. Fly through the mega city.


Prius Commercial

Capture MM commercial featuring the Toyota Prius. CityEngine was used in the entire production process to model the city. Drive the Prius.

Destroyed City

For the video game "Dark Realm" Christian Holzer and team used CityEngine to create the entire city scene including parametric destruction of buildings. Enter the ruins.

Rome Reborn 2.0

The Rome Reborn project used CityEngine to rebuild ancient Rome in the year 320 A.D. This road leads to Rome.


Procedural Pompeii

CityEngine was used to create an environment for the European Project Cyberwalk, where a visitor can travel around in ancient Pompeii. Dig out Pompeii.


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