QuestionWhere - Product Overview

QuestionWhere Builder allows you to create a questionnaire or survey that can include location based questions such as search for an address or select a location on a map.

Easy and quick to configure and deploy, it enables you to quickly gather information from your targeted users. The results can be written directly to your ArcGIS Online content saving you the pain of having to translate and load the results to start your spatial analysis.  Alternatively you can send the results by email or pass them into a geoprocessing task to enable you to easily support your existing business processes.

See QuestionWhere Live

See the many ways you can apply QuestionWhere in your organisation. Click on the view it live to see a demo of the application. 

Reporting faults to Local Authorities

See a live example of how QuestionWhere can be implemented in Local Government to encourage citizen engagement.

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Get Started

Once you get the app, your administrator just needs to share it to a group in your ArcGIS Online account. Once it is shared, you and members of your group can begin to use QuestionWhere.

Create a Questionnaire 

You can configure your questionnaire or survey and share it with your audience through the QuestionWhere builder. The QuestionWhere builder takes you through a wizard and creates the feature service where your results are stored. This means you don't have to pre-configure a web map to begin to create a questionnaire or survey. 

To begin, open the QuestionWhere builder in one of two ways:

  1. Log into your ArcGIS online account and from the group page where the QuestionWhere Builder is shared, click the Open arrow under the builder thumbnail and confirm ArcGIS Online credentials.
  2. Or alternatively sign in to ArcGIS Marketplace with an ArcGIS Online organisational or developer account. From the QuestionWhere page, click the View Item (if you are not signed in it will prompt you to buy or trial the app). 

Click the Open arrow under the builder thumbnail, select View Application and confirm your ArcGIS Online Credentials.


Once you are logged into the builder you be presented with all of your organisation's QuestionWhere instances. To create a new instance select Create new Instance.

Configuring the Questionnaire

Once you have opened QuestionWhere and selected to create a new instance you will begin to go through the wizard. 

Application Details

  • Here you will be prompted to give a name to your QuestionWhere application, along with a description and also whether you have any access and use constraints.

Welcome Page

  • In this section of the builder you can give your questionnaire a title and also a welcoming message for your intended audience. 

Style Options

  • Style options allows you to customise the look and feel of your questionnaire. You have the choice to use hex colours or the colour picker. 

Define Your Questionnaire

  • Step 4 is where you can begin to add questions to your questionnaire. Here you can drag and drop questions into the questionnaire, all of which can be a different type including text, predefined choices or a location based question to name but a few. You also have the freedom to add additional and conditional pages.


  • Once you have designed your questionnaire you can then choose what you want to happen once your audience has submitted their answers. QuestionWhere provides many different actions such as write to a new feature service, append to an existing feature service, send an email or/and execute a geoprocessing task. Having such a range of options ensure that the results are managed the most effectively and allows for integration with other business systems. 

Completion Text

  • In section 6 you've got the option to add a message which will be displayed to your participant once they've completed the questionnaire.


  • QuestionWhere has three language options to choose from; English, Suomi and Español.

Share your application

In the final section of the builder you have the options to set tags, which makes it easier to find your questionnaire. You can also define who you want to share your QuestionWhere questionnaire with. This allows you to go live with your questionnaire immediately or the sharing options can be modified at a later date to allow for review.

Hopefully the above gave you an idea of how you can begin to create a questionnaire using QuestionWhere. Throughout the builder there are also helpful tips to help guide you the available options. If you require any further support please see our technical pages or contact technical support.

Technical Documentation

To see further technical documentation including updates in the last release please see the following technical documentation pages.