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At Esri, we use open APIs and open source to maintain an open system, one that allows transparency and interoperability.

Engage with Open APIs

Engage with Open APIs

Our open APIs provide unparalleled access for various systems (GIS and others) to engage and communicate with the ArcGIS platform. This includes both client and server technologies. Therefore, any open source GIS desktop clients have the ability to use our services. We are committed to sharing internal R&D work where applicable.

Learn more about Esri’s Open APIs

Build with Open Source

Built with Open Source

The ArcGIS platform implements and leverages open-source technologies, such as GDAL. We support Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux. Geodatabases can live in the PostgreSQL database. ArcGIS for Server can use open source web servers, such as Apache Tomcat and Oracle GlassFish, to share GIS services.

White paper: Open Source Built into ArcGIS

Do More, Faster

Do More, Faster

Esri offers tools and applications that are open to the community for use in public projects and for private projects on GitHub. Our 300+ open-source projects save hours of coding. We have hundreds of products, tools, examples, and resources that let you simplify, customize, and enhance your GIS experience.

Esri's open-source projects include

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