CrimeAnalyst - Product Overview

Police forces, local authorities and their public safety partners face tough targets for reducing crime and increasing public confidence. These targets get more and more ambitious every year. Achieving them in a climate of tightening budgets and fewer resources is a real challenge.

CrimeAnalyst allows you to make smarter use of the intelligence at your disposal – and this, in turn, can help you to simultaneously reduce both crime and costs.

First launched in 2005, CrimeAnalyst has become well established in the public safety community and is used in police forces, crime prevention partnerships and intelligence groups across the UK and around the world. The latest version, CrimeAnalyst 2.5, builds on the proven capabilities of the solution. Responding to the needs of end users, it has been enhanced with a range of new capabilities that make it even easier and quicker to develop National Intelligence Model (NIM) compliant analytical products.

Aoristic data clocks integrate with maps to identify patterns in both time and location.

Hot spot analysis allows you to discover patterns in your data and deploy your resources where they will have the most impact.


Key Features

CrimeAnalyst enables analysts to:

  • Obtain a far deeper insight into crime patterns and trends, so that you can develop more effective local and regional policing strategies
  • Link crime hot spots, hot routes and hot times, enhancing your ability to deploy resources when and where they will have the greatest impact 
  • Get rapid, easy access to up-to-date data from any desktop, or mobile device, so that you can react quickly to new threats
  • Present crime data in a format that is easy to understand and share it with a wider range of partners, to improve your community relations and partnership working 
  • Remove duplicated effort on repetitive manual tasks to reduce administrative costs and free up analysts’ time for other, more focused projects

Cost savings

South Yorkshire Police estimate that their use of CrimeAnalyst led to significant cost savings in the first year alone. These savings have been reinvested in further ESRI mapping solutions anticipated to achieve even greater savings.

At the same time, CrimeAnalyst also contributed to reduced crime and improved community confidence.


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Case Studies

South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police saved £1m per year. Find out how..

Technical Documentation

CrimeAnalyst Install Guide

Provides information on the prerequisites for running the CrimeAnalyst and information on how to install and upgrade the software

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