LocatorHub - Product Overview

Using address information within any organisation demands accurate location data. From customers, assets or non-addressable locations, being able to pinpoint somewhere on a map is critical to success.

Esri UK LocatorHub makes sense of address data so organisations in Public Safety, Government, Insurance, Defence and Utilities can use it to underpin their operations with confidence.

A complete address management system, LocatorHub provides a single point of entry to robust, validated and consistent address data within your organisation.

The single address management solution for your organisation:


Key Features

LocatorHub is fully integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS platform, it can be embedded in standalone or enterprise systems and in web pages. This allows multiple applications to use a single address management solution based on a flexible, scalable and robust Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). There are three main areas of functionality:

Address Searching

Fast and accurate searching of complex location data is at the core of LocatorHub. You can return a full address by entering a partial address or location such as a point on a map, road junctions of point of interest.

Address Validation

Batch and interactive tools allow large volumes of data to be cleansed against accurate published address datasets to ensure you get maximum value and accuracy. Address cleansing allows removal of incorrect or duplicate records, correcting of incomplete addresses and addition of geographic coordinates to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Address Management

Use system administration tools in the LocatorHub Dashboard to load and configure datasets. Your own data can work in parallel with published datasets to allow you to create and maintain custom addressable locations.

Successful matching is aided by features, including:

  • Fuzzy matching ensuring that searches tolerate common spelling mistakes, and searches accept wildcards when users are uncertain of an address
  • Abbreviations and substitutions (words like “Gdns” or prefixes and suffixes like “The” and “Ltd”) ensuring that commonly used terms successfully match what is in the data 
  • Single query searching multiple datasets simultaneously or in sequence, including your own 
  • Supporting full coordinate system conversion so that locations can be returned in whatever coordinate system your organisation uses (e.g. British National Grid, Latitude/Longitude)

Component Applications

Functionality is delivered via five main applications:

  • Dashboard system administration tool for loading, updating and configuring published datasets and your own location data 
  • Editor to create and edit gazetteers, which can be paired with published datasets to store new or amended location records 
  • Location Transformation Suite (LTS) interactive tools for working with CSV data, primarily for records that have failed a batch process in the Dashboard 
  • Web Services to develop software applications with embedded LocatorHub functionality 
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) for integrating LocatorHub into existing desktop and internet/intranet applications


LocatorHub Brochure

Complete Address Management Solution.

Case Studies

Northern Gas Networks

Accurate address data for smarter, faster service

National Grid

Re-energising a business with fully integrated GIS systems

Norfolk County Council

Improving service delivery with accurate address management

Technical Documentation

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LocatorHub Consuming Guide

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