ProductivitySuite - Product Overview

ProductivitySuite allows you to meet your GIS-related business challenges head-on. It provides a consistent, cost-effective and straight forward means of managing and using your UK data within an ArcGIS environment.

An extension to ArcGIS for Desktop, ProductivitySuite provides a comprehensive set of tools to improve business processes and reduce workload. It is designed to enable you to reduce your maintenance requirements and administration commitments while at the same time increasing user productivity.

A complete set of productivity enhancements for:

  • Ordnance Survey data conversion
  • Data maintenance and administration
  • Analysis
  • Place-finding and locating
  • Housing estate management


Key Features

Ordnance Survey Data Conversion

Designed to work with all Ordnance Survey MasterMap® data layers as well as Ordnance Survey's AddressBase gazetteer data, the Data Conversion tools in ProductivitySuite make it easier than ever for ArcGIS users to leverage the power of these highly accurate datasets. Using these tools, users can efficiently manage data conversion for initial loads, data re-supplies and change only updates, with the option to archive data.

Address Searching

ProductivitySuite provides powerful gazetteering and geocoding functionality that enables users to easily search across large datasets.

Measure and Analyse

ProductivitySuite extends the standard ArcGIS measurement tools to offer a range of UK-specific unit measurements plus the ability to 'snap' your measurements to base mapping features. These tools enable users to accurately measure and mark up lines and areas on an Ordnance Survey map.

Housing Tools

The Housing Tools deliver functionality that automates key processes and streamlines the selection and management of land parcel data. With powerful configurable functionality for selecting, querying and editing, the Housing Tools enable users to efficiently load and manipulate their data.


For detailed information about ProductivitySuite download the brochure by clicking this link.


ProductivitySuite Brochure

Download the ProductivitySuite brochure.

Technical Documentation

Productivity Suite Install Guide

Provides information on the prerequisites for running the Productivity Suite and information on how to install and upgrade the software

Cartographic Text Renderer

Provides information on installing and using the cartographic text renderer


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