Services Add-In - Product Overview

The Services Add-In for ArcGIS for Desktop lets you see the premium Esri UK Online Services that you have access to and provides an easy way to add them to your map. If you have a full license of LocatorHub, this Add-In can also be used to connect to your gazetteer services. For more information about the premium services see here.

Note: the Services Add-In is no longer appropriate to access the Esri UK free online services (maps and locators) which can be accessed directly using out of the box tools. See here to find out more about how to use them.

The Add-In adds a toolbar into ArcMap called Services and is compatible with ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2 and above (see the release notes in the download for the version required for different releases for ArcGIS).

This Add-In is provided to customers free of charge.

The Services Add-In is an open source project produced by Esri UK. The source code can be found on GitHub:

Note: the Services Add-In is now in mature support and is no longer to access the free Esri UK Online Services. The remaining useful functionality will be provided by a new Add-In later this year - further details to follow.

Technical Documentation

Services Add-In Installation and User Guide

Provides details on how to install and use the Add-In.