School Locator App

School Locator App is an intelligent school routing system that substantially improves the application process.  The solution is fully hosted by Esri, making it simple and easy to get up and running. 

School Locator App contains two critical, but related functions:

  1. School Fact Finder

Provision of clear and accurate information online to parents and guardians on the schools in their area. This provides transparency and removes the need for people to call the Local Authority for support.

  1. School Route calculator

A system that enables Local Authorities to allocate pupils to schools accurately, reliably and fairly, based on distance to school.

Both functions are based on the same underlying distance to school routing methods and datasets for all-round consistency.

Key features

  • The School Locator App is a hosted ‘template’ through which web applications can be created, for example: nursery, primary and secondary schools.
  • Once created, the web applications can be embedded in or linked to the Local Authority website.
  • Esri network analysis technology provides the routing engine.
  • Road network data is sourced from either NavTeq or Ordnance Survey ITN road data .
  • The routing engine can be called from on-premise school admissions solutions to calculate the distance from home to school.